Play It Forward

Choose a target and play it forward with spin or power.

Each incoming ball is different so anticipate it's trajectory, where to place it and choose what type of shot to play

On the forehand side the forehand drive helps to develop a feel for the ball and understand bat angles and timing points. 

The backhand drive is played more from the elbow as you wait for each ball in line with the body before extending and turning bat and forearm.

Against backspin returns can easily go into the net so we need to turn the underside of the ball by cutting, flipping or forehand Looping.

The loop can be used on both sides and the backhand loop is very effective against back spin..... but also adapted to counter top spin and no spin.... depending on bat angle.

How to deal with sidespin.

Useful drills for fun and practice

Correcting Forehand Mistakes